How To Write An Essay About Myself?

Why is it so difficult to write an essay about yourself whereas this topic doesn’t require any serious researching or checking of sources credibility? The first thought which comes to your mind: “There’s nothing much to say!” And when I remember my first personal essay, it took me twice more time to write an outline for it than to a cause and effect essay. If I were asked to do the same right now, I’m sure I’d write it in less than an hour. And it’s not because I can type fast but because I write morning pages according to Julia Cameron’s recommendation. It helps to organize my thoughts, to plan my day and to analyze my actions, dreams and goals. The thing is that writing a personal essay will help understand yourself and your goals for the future.

Useful Prompts For Writing About Yourself

Write about any past event

For instance, the happiest/saddest moment in your childhood/teenage and adult life. Use figurative language and concentrate on the particular surroundings where it happened. Do not make it fictional because usually writing about the thing which makes you sad and frustrated helps you overcome that past event and move on.

Write about your hobbies and interests

Do not just name them but explain why you like playing the guitar or swimming. Explain what makes you excited about it. Mention what you have achieved in any extracurricular activity and how you felt at every competition. You can even describe it memorizing the brightest moments.

Write about your accomplishments

This is the worst part for many students because they are afraid to sound too conceited and even bragging about their achievements. However, you need to be humble to describe yourself. Be sincere and brainstorm as many details as it’s possible to support your claims.

Write about your last trip in an entertaining way

At least once in own life any person has been in an unusual trip with friends, parents and what’s better alone. When we talk about a personal essay, you shouldn’t limit yourself with description of your academic or career goals. Take an adventure as a bright method of describing yourself. Usually being in a trip the person shapes own outlook and can look at oneself from a completely different place. This helps to analyze your behavior and character traits.

Write about people who surround you

You can talk about yourself describing the closest people who make your world full of events and special moments. This kind of essay will show how sociable you are and how well you can cope with different situations. Remember any episode and make a vivid picture of your impressions and feelings. Analyze your behavior, reactions and thoughts at those moments.

Write about any challenge that you faced

If you want to describe your character, use any challenge that helped you develop a certain trait: courage, patience, sympathy, confidence etc. Write it in the form of a story with an intrigue and climax. This challenge could help you grow as a personality or develop some skills that were useful for your future.

If you can’t write an essay about yourself even after these prompts, take help of writers who can do that for you and describe any moment of your life after a short interview and your personal instructions.