3 Short Steps To Write A+ Grade Research Paper

Have you spent too much time studying all the tips on how to write a research paper step by step? Eduplace.co experts in academic writing have gathered all of them in a concise guide that can help you get through a boring writing process.

There are two essential types of a research paper – analytical and argumentative. Unlike analytical in which a student presents his critical analysis of the topic, an argumentative type considers a persuasive approach. It means that in the argumentative research paper a writer must designate his own attitude to the topic and try to persuade a reader about the viability of his interpretation.

Hence, the first thing you must clarify is a type of your work. Only then you can move to accomplishing the following 3 steps on how to write a research paper.

#1 step – choose a challenging topic

The first time I faced my research paper task I couldn’t decide how to choose my topic. The assignment was too broad and I hesitated whether I had enough knowledge to cover it. Then my teacher advised me to choose one aspect of the problem mentioned in the assignment and narrow it to a certain subject that has a vast range of sources. So, I actually checked each aspect of an issue for the list of useful resources and if I found it dissatisfying I declined the whole idea. Yes, your topic must be challenging but include enough facts and trustworthy data to become convincing.

#2 step – check out any sources of information

In a contaminated world of information, you have to be wary about every URL you insert into a search field. You should learn how to differentiate advertising sites and those resources which are exceptionally informative. Yet do not concentrate only on online resources, because there are many reliable print resources which you can access free in any university library.

#3 step – develop a thesis statement and a draft outline

This is a step where you receive an answer to your question “How to write introduction for research paper?”. Though before crafting the whole outline, focus on writing your thesis statement using one sentence. You must again consider your research paper type. Make it specific and supported with particular evidence. Place it at the end of your paper’s first paragraph. Developing a thesis statement, you actually write an introduction for research paper where you briefly define your subject matter. Hence, after formulating a thesis statement you can keep on building the rest of your outline.

The main body usually involves three paragraphs which can also include sub-paragraphs depending on your topic and subject. Each part and piece information must be logically tied and presented. Try to introduce your arguments in a formula of degrees of comparison: strong – stronger – the strongest of your final point. In a conclusion paragraph, you must sum up all the presented arguments and reiterate your thesis statement. Furthermore, you must explain why you have suggested such a conclusion.

This structure is universal and if you are questioning how to write a research paper on a person, use this tested formula that always works even with the most difficult assignment.